What do we need?


There is a lot more to making a film than just finding someone with a camera and acting out a few scenes.  If you want a chance at making your message come to life in a professional and captivating way, you need well-trained actors, a top-notch crew, loads of specialized equipment (and insurance to cover it all), and food – if nothing else, you need to feed everyone.  It can get quite expensive!  Fortunately, with a well laid-out plan and a dedicated budget, and with a little help from you, it will be possible to make everything a reality.  We are looking to raise at least $7,500.  That amount will provide enough money to cover all our budgeted costs.  But our hope is that it doesn’t stop there.  Any additional money raised will go toward the promotion of this film and helping those who have experienced bullying first hand.  The money raised breaks down to the following categories: