What do you get?


The exciting part is that your contribution isn’t just a random donation!  EVERY CONTRIBUTION MAKES YOU A PART OF THIS FILM!  Take a look at some of the amazing and unique opportunities available from our Perks.  With your contribution, you are able to join our team and experience filmmaking first hand in many different ways, from a personal shout out on our social media sites, to being an extra in the film, to having your submitted photo as part of the official film poster, to having special access to our Behind-The-Scenes blog, and more.  You can also have dinner with the Writer & Director in an exclusive opportunity to ask questions about the filming industry, share your ideas for a film, find out how to make a movie, learn about how to get into acting, and much more!  There is even a chance to be an Executive Producer of the film.  Have you ever wanted to tell your friends that you were a Movie Producer?  Now you can be legit, and for far less than you’d imagine it would cost.  But my personal favorite is the #PayItForward perk where we will BUY SOMEONE’S GROCERIES.  Yes, you heard that right.  For every $85 contribution, we will surprise someone with $50 toward their groceries.